Cantine Povero Pianta Alberi
Cantine Povero Piantare Alberi


Mitigating climate change is one of our priorities. For this reason, we have decided to plant 300 oaks coming from local nurseries, which will allow us to compensate for the carbon emissions produced in the daily operations of our winery. Planting trees is indeed the most effective action to reduce global warming, as the leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Besides, oaks clean the air through their leaves, filtering and neutralizing the polluting gas molecules. Thanks to this oak grove, the air in our vineyards will therefore be even purer. In the summer season, these precious trees will act as natural air conditioners, mitigating temperatures and protecting us and our grapes from ever-higher temperatures. Their roots will instead be able to improve the quality of the water through phytodepuration, and the quality of the soil, reducing the risk of erosion in our precious hills. In the first half of the plot, where the soil is cooler and wetter, we planted quercus robur, or common oak, the most widespread oak in Europe. In the second half of the plot, where the soil is drier, we planted the quercus pubescens or downy oak, which has a slower growth and is more resistant to dryness. To encourage the development of truffles, we also planted hornbeams (carpinus betullus) and wild lindens (tilia cordata), ancient varieties that are very pollen-bearing even if not stimulated by cuts or reduction of foliage. Our second goal is indeed to encourage the development of truffles, precious gems that together with winebest convey the magic of our territory.