The great miracle of Nature
on our luscious hills

Group 908 2
50 hectares of vineyards
Group 909
7 native grape varieties
Group 910
322 meters above sea level

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Group 908 1


Roero offers a patchwork of small vineyards dotted with “ciabot”, small buildings that are precious examples of spontaneous peasant architecture, which gives the place a fairytale aura. The landscape is arduous but rarely beautiful – with its wild “rocche”, chasms that open into the ground. The land appears sometimes so inaccessible that you would think people could never work on such soils. Yet here, on the left bank of the Tanaro river, hill slopes facing the sun with soils mixed with marine sands, is the birthplace of mineral white wines with intense fruity aromas and full-bodied but delicate red wines.
Cantine Povero is located in the heart of Piemonte, where Roero, Langhe, and Monferrato meet. The roots of our wines lie here, in a sequence of vineyards in full sunlight, from sunrise to sunset. The final result is an authentic wine which manifests the vitality of the terroirs it belongs to.

The seasons of the Piemonte include fresh breezes and light rains in the spring, hot humid weather in the summer, thick fog in the fall, and snow in the long winters when the vineyards finally rest. The climatic variety is a perfect match for the soil variety, which embraces marine sands and clayey marls.