SINCE 1964

cantine povero

cisterna d'asti italia

DAL 1964

cantine povero

cisterna d'asti italia

A winery with almost two hundred years of history

Cantine Povero stands out on the generous lands of Roero, Monferrato, and Langhe. Our philosophy is to carry on the ancient wisdom handed down generation to generation, while innovating a sustainable approach to agriculture.


Cantine Povero offers a wide range of wines, produced from excellent and diverse terroirs. Our portfolio includes fragrant and elegant wines from Roero, fresh and fruity wines from Monferrato, and structured, age-worthy wines from Langhe. Sparkling wines, dessert wines, and grappa close the loop.

Wine Crafted with Heart

This is a true family operation and every hand that touches the process is deeply invested in the land and every bottle of wine that comes from our vines.

Visit Our Winery

How are Cantine Povero wines born? Visit our winery and discover our secrets. We take you on a multisensory journey, from the vines to the production. Enter the world of Cantine Povero, experience the value of authenticity and taste the outstanding results.