Let's help our planet breathe better

5 steps on the path to sustainability

Terroir is the essence of wine. With this in mind, the project Equilibrio Natura (“Nature’s balance”) was born. Equilibrio Natura aims to protect natural resources to re-establish a new balance, undermined in recent years by intensive agriculture.
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without exploiting the soil. On about 100 hectares of land: 50 are covered with vineyards, 20 with meadows, and 30 with woods. In 2019, land used in the past as an illegal dump was purchased, cleaned up, and cultivated with woods


we safeguard biodiversity
to guarantee a habitat for local flora and fauna


we reduce the
risk of erosion
as the roots of the trees hold the soil and the leaves offer protection against wind and rain


we naturally reduce the
vulnerability of the vine
to diseases, since the woods are home to insects capable of fighting parasites


We promote love
for nature
through a network of marked trails, with wooden tables and refreshment points, and signs showing food for thought. The now-famous heart – created by Daniele Povero in the green sown area next to the vineyards in Cisterna d’Asti – expresses love, respect, and care for the environment as a resource for all. Along the way, it is also possible to admire other artisanal and artistic works, such as the giant wrought iron bottle donated by Bruno Guido, the blacksmith of our village, or the wrought iron heart created by Alessio Povero