Gran Ruè Metodo Classico 2020

Traditional Method Sparkling Wine



Gran Rué is obtained using only first-pressing must. Re-fermentation is achieved with the “classic method”. The slow fermentation in the bottle and the subsequent refinement “sur lie” for two years generate a sparkling wine with a pale straw yellow color, an elegant foam, and a very fine and incessant perlage. The bouquet is delicate and the palate is dry, with intense notes of bread crust, yeast, dried flowers, citrus, and dry pastry. Very versatile for food pairing, it is excellent also as an aperitif.

Pair with:

Oysters, fried calamari, fried polenta, salumi like Culatello, dishes with Parmesan flakes, deep-fried courgette flowers, grilled fish


Chardonnay and Pinot Noir