Lucrezia Povero Vendemmia Cantine Povero
Christian Cantine Povero Vendemmia


Uncertainty has been a constant in this 2020 from all points of view – including the climate! However, great satisfaction came from this harvest! Spring was characterized by sunny days and warm temperatures, which caused the vines to sprout about a week earlier compared to 2019. Thanks to a warm early summer, this advance in maturation continued until mid-July, when veraison took place, the moment in which the grapes turn from green to yellow or bright red. The rains in August caused the loss of this slight precocity in the vegetative cycle, leading to regular ripening. The unscrupulous sunshine and warm mid-September temperatures have been a godsend, giving us voluminous, healthy, and rich bunches. Potential alcohol is in line with 2019, while the acidity is averagely lower. Wines promise to be complex, balanced, and full of aromas!