Terre dei Laramè Langhe Favorita DOC 2022



A descendant of Vermentino, Favorita was brought to Roero by Ligurian merchants in the 1700s. This rare varietal produces white grapes, used in the past only as a table grape. However, after long and careful experimentation, the Favorita is now able to give us complex and intense white wines. To obtain a satisfactory and harmonious wine, a meticulous selection of raw materials and particular care in winemaking are required.

Aware of this, the Povero brothers use only the best grapes of their organic vineyards, planted in sandy and sunny soils, and rely on the most modern winemaking technology. The result is a wine with a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Delicate aromas of melon, green hazelnut, medlar, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, white flowers, and exotic fruit stand out. The palate is dry, fresh, and sapid, with a long finish.


Pair with:

Risotto with vegetables and meat, sushi, fresh goat cheeses, egg salad, vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce), fish