Sole d’ Ottobre

Wine from overripe grapes



“The last, precious berries

Among the fog overwhelming the vines

And the dusky leaves

Are still embracing

The smooth warmth of October sun rays”

An intense, warm, and aromatic dessert wine made from overripe grapes, in a small and elegant bottle (0,375 Lt). Particular care in the vineyard allows the bunches to take on a golden color and a high sugar content. The color is a gold tending to amber. The flavor is sweet, velvety, and harmonious. Enchanting notes of walnut, acacia honey, dried fig, raisins, and amaretto stand out.

Pair with:

Dark chocolate Desserts with sour jams, small pastries, spicy cheeses such as Bruss or Raschera Dry corn biscuits, washed-rind cheeses