Priore Barolo DOCG 2019

The chosen one.



“The chosen one. Appointed because of his higher knowledge. The guide for a community, the one entrusted with the most important decisions”.

Known as the «king of wines and wine of kings», Barolo is the Nebbiolo-based wine par excellence. Priore is an energetic and prestigious Barolo. The color is an intense garnet red, while the elegant bouquet balances the powerful tannins and brisk acidity of the palate. It showcases notes of violet, cassis, wild rose, cinnamon, anise, leather, and goudron. You can also find reminiscences of the Langhe region, such as truffles, dried mushrooms, and hazelnuts. The palate is warm, dry, earthy, and full. 



Pair with:

Stew, wild game, beef cheek braised in Barolo, blue cheese like Castelmagno, hard cheese like Toma, truffle tagliatelle, roasted duck