Pensé Piemonte DOC Barbera 2018

Meditation wine



A rich, bold, and big Piemonte Barbera, far from the young and vibrant typical Barbera d’ Asti. In the local dialect, “Pensé” means “thinking”. Pensé is indeed an unusual and very complex meditation wine, to be drunk not necessarily with food. The result of long waits in the vineyard and cellar, Pensé needs to be sipped slowly to fully enjoy the complexity of its bouquet that is gradually released from the glass, showcasing notes of red fruit jam, cherries in alcohol, green tea, spices, and licorice. The palate is warm, soft, and velvety.

Pair with:

Dark chocolate, desserts with sour jams, mall pastries, spicy cheeses such as Bruss or Raschera, dry corn biscuits, washed-rind cheeses