Nettare Vino Rosso 13,5% 20 LT

20 liter bag-in-box



The color is a beautiful bright garnet red. The bouquet is soft and delicately fragrant, almost ethereal. On the palate, you first recognize intense floral and fruity notes of dried roses, violets, raspberry, blackberry, citrus, and almond. On a second sip, you can perceive spicy hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, tobacco, and lightly toasted hints. The palate is persuasive, soft, and harmonious. The finish is persistent and spicy, with light sapidity. The dense and velvety tannins are well-integrated into the structure.

Pair with:

Fondue, risotto, meat-stuffed pasta such as ravoli al plin, stew, gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese, roasted red meats, hard cheeses such as aged Bra “duro”