Corsiero Biondo Piemonte DOC Cortese Frizzante 2023

Semi-sparkling wine



From the 14th to the 19th century, Asti, the most important town of Monferrato, hosted the Palio, a famous horse competition. From the Latin cursàrius (runner), the Corsiero is the ancient Berber horse widely used in the ancient Palio di Asti.

Meaning “courteous”, the delicacy of this vine is also underlined in its name. A pleasantly lively white, with a pale straw yellow color and fine and evanescent bubbles. The scent is enveloping and persistent, with notes of peach, wild flowers, hawthorn, and Golden apple. The palate is dry, harmonious, and pleasantly fresh.

Pair with:

White pizzas, focaccia, fried fish, fresh cheeses