Belvive Spumante Extra Dry

Charmat Method



Thinking about the Piedmontese expression “bel vive” (life is beautiful) can help you grasp the optimistic side of existence. Some daily actions can give sparks of happiness: listening to silence, exchanging a smile, a filled gap, an unexpected caress…

You can experience some of these pleasures with our Belvive.

Our Belvive Spumante extra-dry has a light straw yellow color and a fine and persistent perlage. The nose is subtle and fresh and the palate is harmonious, with notes of pear, Golden apple, acacia flowers, and tropical fruit such as banana. Belvive is perfect as an aperitif or to bring a note of freshness to meals.

Pair with:

Shrimp cocktail, vegetarian skewers, crostini with goat cheese and cold cuts, sea salad, salmon tartare, asparagus risotto