The excellent wines of Roero: Arneis, Favorita, and Roero

A short journey among the fine wines of the Roero, wine excellences that have showcased the preciousness of this area over the centuries.

Famous for its exceptional winemaking tradition, Roero is a Piedmontese region enclosed in the upper province of Cuneo, which extends to the left of the Tanaro river.

It takes its name from the Roero noble family, who ruled over these lands for years. The name “Roero” is now combined with a series of wine excellences of the area, which are appreciated even by the most refined palates.


Known as the King of Piedmontese white wines, Arneis is a dry wine with a straw-yellow color with amber shades, produced only in 19 municipalities in the province of Cuneo.

A delicate wine, with a slightly bitter and herbaceous aftertaste, which pairs well with white meats, cereal soups, and fish dishes.

Among the wines of Cantine Povero, we recommend Terre del Conte Roero Arneis DOCG.

This Piedmontese white wine comes from the most ancient organic vineyards of the Povero family in the municipality of Canale, whose soils are rich in sand.

The color is straw yellow with greenish reflections. The floral and fruity aromas are pleasant and sweet and the palate is elegant and dry, with a long almond finish typical of the varietal.

It is perfect for vegetarian dishes and fish appetizers.


Among the Piedmontese white wines, Favorita stands out for its freshness and delicacy on the palate, with its floral and fruity notes.

Favorita is a descendant of Vermentino, with a long and rooted history in the Roero area. Among the wines of Cantine Povero, we recommend Terre dei Laramè Langhe DOC Favorita, produced only with grapes from the organic vineyards of the estate.

This fresh white wine has a pale straw yellow color with greenish shades. Intense hints of medlar, green hazelnut, various aromatic herbs, citrus and white flowers, melon, and other exotic fruits come out of the glass. The palate is dry and graceful. Perfect as an aperitif or paired with cold appetizers, dips, and cruditè.


From the steep slopes of Roero, the noble Nebbiolo grape has its roots in sandy and clayey soils and gives birth to Roero DOCG, a fragrant and fine wine, with great structure and assertiveness. Roero obtained the DOC in 1985 and the DOCG in 2005.

The Povero family produces Tumlin Roero DOCG from the organic vineyards purchased almost a century ago by Nonno Tumlin.

The color is a bright garnet red. The harmonious and elegant bouquet of this wine gives a significant evolutionary potential. The palate is persuasive, soft, warm, and dry. The tannins are well-embroidered in the structure.

Perfect in combination with stuffed pasta such as “ravioli al plin” (typical Piedmontese dish) and risotto.

The Piedmontese wine tradition is vast and is strongly related to the history of the region. There are many fine wines from Piemonte to be tasted, with wonderful characteristics to be discovered!