Cantine Povero obtains the Equalitas certification

The Equalitas standard focuses on the social, environmental, and economic pillars of sustainability.

Equalitas consider the following indicator:

  1. Biodiversity (of soil, air, and water)
  2. Carbon footprint
  3. Water footprint

Equalitas rewards the following good practices:

  1. Agricultural practices
  2. Cellar and bottling practices (harvesting, vinification, cleaning, packaging)
  3. Economic practices (management and investments)
  4. Practices towards employees (salaries, welfare, training, growth, absence of discrimination, meetings with the owners)
  5. Bordering holdings and local community relations
  6. Practices towards suppliers (fair prices and payment terms)
  7. Grounded, truthful, and transparent communication.
  8. Sustainability report

Download the certificate here.